Posted on: 2015-07-20


Considering a basement renovation, but unsure of whether to take the do-it-yourself route or hire a contractor? It’s a common dilemma— but whether you are a homeowner or a contractor like us at Parabola Development, the goal remains the same: to complete high quality work quickly and within a budget. Read below for details on weighing the pros and cons of DIY and contracted basement renovation.


  • Contractors save on time if you work long hours, have children or struggle with a busy schedule.
  • Thanks to experience and skill, contractors can produce a professional level of finish on any renovation project.
  • A good contractor will put its reputation on the line when assuring all work follows municipal regulations and guidelines.
  • Reputable contractors will often repair any mistakes or oversights free of charge.



  • Contractors require labor costs and other overhead, so a do-it-yourself renovation can be more affordable if you supply everything as needed.
  • If you are the type of person that unwinds doing yard work or feels relaxed when swinging a hammer, a D-I-Y reno can be extremely self-satisfying.
  • If you are blessed with the gifts of generous amounts of time, money and motivation– a do-it-yourself basement renovation can help you on learn and master many new home repair, maintenance and construction skills.


If a basement renovation is a short or long term goal for your home, contact us at Parabola Development to begin your consultation process. Regardless of skill level, you might think a DIY renovation is a good idea now– but circumstances can change when you are faced with the actual task. Our experienced and highly skilled contractors offer a convenient alternative with faster turnaround time and polished end product.


So don’t wait, get a basement renovation quote from Parabola Development today!


Photo by cetteup on Unsplash