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Buyer’s Guide: What’s the Difference Between a Cost Plus & Fixed Price Contract?

Completed on: 2020-12-05

Today, Troy from Parabola Develops dives into the differences between a "cost plus" & a "fixed price" contract - the two primary types contracts you'll find when building your home or engaging in a major renovation. Each have their unique pros and cons so choose wisely! Find this video helpful? Give us a like or follow on our Youtube channel, or give us a call to chat about how we can help decide the right building option for you!...Read More Here!


Parabola Homes – Quality Modern Housing

Completed on: 2015-10-27

  Parabola builds high quality houses with an above-the-standard practice, from start to finish. Parabola specializes in infill projects, offering modern style and unique design. All projects are constructed with certified and trusted trades....Read More Here!