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How to Pet-Proof Your Backyard or Patio

Posted by paraboladevelopment on Apr 15, 2021.

Nice weather is around the corner and, as excited as you must be to escape the confines of your home and enjoy the fresh air, your pet is likely anxious to get outside too. But, before you throw open the door and let Lando run free in your backyard, or let Miss Nyx enjoy an afternoon nap on your patio, it’s important to make sure your outdoor space is safe for your pet. Pet-proofing your backyard or patio doesn’t have to be an expensive or time-consuming affair. There are small changes...Read More Here!


Non-Permanent Renovations For Tenants

Posted by paraboladevelopment on Mar 15, 2021.

While homeowning is often the ultimate goal of most individuals and families, there is nothing wrong with calling a rental unit your home. However, it can be hard to truly make your space your own when you are limited by the changes you can make to a unit you are renting from someone else. Thankfully, you can always indulge in a reversible remodel - meaning that you can make temporary and stunning changes that can easily be reversed when it’s time to pack up and move on. If you are lo...Read More Here!


5 Home Renovations That Can Save You Money

Posted by paraboladevelopment on Feb 15, 2021.

When it comes to being a homeowner, sometimes spending money can save you a lot. Especially when it comes to reducing energy costs in your home. While the cost of upgrades and renovations may seem steep, the money wasted on energy bills every month tends to outweigh them. Every upgrade to your home is an investment, whether you are looking to cut down on your bills or increase your home’s values. In order to save money in the long run, it’s important to make smart choices when it co...Read More Here!


Types Of Renovations To Do During A Pandemic

Posted by paraboladevelopment on Jan 15, 2021.

With more and more families in the Edmonton area staying home and staying safe, it’s no wonder that homeowners are still going forward with renovations. There’s no reason not to make upgrades to your home during a pandemic, but you have to be careful in doing so. Before jumping into a renovation, choose what area of your home you wish to upgrade and make a plan to keep your home and family safe. Here are some tips for completing a renovation project during a pandemic: Staying Safe ...Read More Here!


2021 Resolutions for Homeowners

Posted by paraboladevelopment on Dec 15, 2020.

Each year we tend to make New Year’s resolutions for ourselves, but how often do we make them for our home? Maybe 2021 will be the year you turn your attention to your home and personal space to make positive and impactful changes. Here are our best resolutions you should consider for your home in 2021: 1. Kick the Clutter Ever look around your home and just feel surrounded by stuff? Having a lot of things doesn’t make you a hoarder, but sometimes it becomes overwhelming when ther...Read More Here!