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How to Protect Your Home’s Exterior Against Edmonton Winters

Posted by paraboladevelopment on Nov 15, 2021.

In Edmonton, the summers are long and comfortable. However, the winters can be pretty brutal with freezing, snowy, and windy weather conditions.  While we do our best to bundle up and stay warm, Edmonton winters can affect the exterior of your home - and what you can do to protect it! Homes are built to be sturdy but they are not impervious to weather. If you want to keep your home in good shape, it’s important to properly prepare it for the cold winter months. So before you bust out...Read More Here!


10 Home Improvements That Will Get You the Best ROI

Posted by paraboladevelopment on Oct 15, 2021.

ROI, which stands for “return on investment” is a term that measures an investment’s profitability - what you put your money into versus what you get out of it. This especially applies to your home and understanding ROI can help you determine how improvements can increase or decrease the value of your home. Different kinds of home improvements have higher or lower ROIs - this all depends on housing market trends as well as your home’s livability and longevity. Looking at your RO...Read More Here!


How to Build a Home That Will Stay Cool During Edmonton Summers

Posted by paraboladevelopment on Sep 15, 2021.

Building a new house is the perfect time to take advantage of design choices that can keep your home cool during Edmonton summers. Not looking to build? There are also plenty of ways you can renovate your home to beat the summer heat! With a few strategic changes to your home’s design, you can create a comfortable and cool space as well as reduce your air conditioning usage and power bill. Here are some ways you can build or redesign a house to withstand summer weather: How to Build ...Read More Here!


The Pros and Cons of a Walkout Basement in Edmonton

Posted by paraboladevelopment on Aug 15, 2021.

Are you looking for ways to upgrade your Edmonton home? Perhaps you have already exhausted your renovation options and are looking for a fresh and exciting way to spruce up your living space! If you’re like most homeowners in this area, you probably don’t give much thought to the potential your basement has to completely transform your home. Yes, you can give your basement a well-needed makeover - but have you considered taking it to the next level? And by “next level”, we mean ...Read More Here!


How to Turn Your Basement Into an Income Suite

Posted by paraboladevelopment on Jul 15, 2021.

Are you looking for ways to earn an additional income? Turning your basement into an income suite is a great way to utilize your basement space while putting some extra money in your pocket! Whether your basement is unfinished, or already finished and ready for a new look and layout, you turn that space into the perfect income suite to rent out to tenants. Your basement could be an untapped source of lucrative square footage that could function as its own complete living space. If you rare...Read More Here!