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5 Tips on Saving & Paying for Your Reno

Posted by Parabola Developments on Sep 1, 2018.

If you own a property, you may dream about some day renovating certain parts-- or even the whole thing! The newer your home, the less likely you are to prioritize saving and preparing for a reno. This is fine while everything is in peak condition, but it is wise to familiarize oneself with the process of saving and paying for a major investment. D.I.Y. culture and discount material can be tempting, but always be sure to have your financial affairs in order before taking on a major project. 1. B...Read More Here!


5 Ways to Choose New Colours for Your Home

Posted by Parabola Developments on Aug 1, 2018.

Whether your home is new or well lived-in, there comes a time for everyone to refresh or change the walls around us. You can paint yourself or hire someone else to do it, but such a major feature of your home should show a part of the homeowner’s personality. One of the best ways to do that is to pick out the colours, palettes and themes of the rooms in your home. There are countless places for inspiration-- such as magazines or Pinterest boards-- but if you need help, try following Parabola D...Read More Here!


5 Tips for Saving Money on Kitchen Renovations

Posted by Parabola Developments on Jul 1, 2018.

Kitchens, like bathrooms and dens, are undeniably one of the most popular rooms to renovate. As the heart of the home, a kitchen should reflect the residents that use it everyday-- but keeping things affordable is just as important! If you want your dream space and some funds leftover in your budget, keep reading for Parabola Developments top five tips for saving money on kitchen renovation. 1. Be prepared One of the most common pitfalls of kitchen renovation are the result of unprepared owner...Read More Here!


How To Keep Your Property Cool In The Summer: 4 Tips

Posted by Parabola Developments on Jun 1, 2018.

As Albertans, we live in a part of the world where air conditioning is often considered a luxury. Whether or not your property has an A/C unit, lower temperatures throughout your property means the air conditioner turns on less often-- which saves you money! Keep reading for Parabola Developments top tips for keeping your property cool in the summer. Throw Some Shade While the early morning light is a refreshing change from winter’s short days, it also has the side effect of warming up your ...Read More Here!


How to Keep Your Home Warm All Winter Long

Posted by Parabola Developments on May 1, 2018.

Just because the temperature has dropped doesn’t mean your energy bill needs to go through the roof. A few quick changes and repairs are all you’ll need to maximize savings while making sure your home stays warm and toasty this winter. Use Thermostat Timers Most people aren’t in their homes all day every day, so use that to your advantage and turn down the heat when people are gone. Dropping the temperature during the workday can lead to big savings each month. If you don’t want to com...Read More Here!