What Are the Most Pet-Friendly Flooring Options?

Posted on: 2022-03-15

cat and dog snuggling while laying on floor

Pet-friendly flooring is any type of flooring that is comfortable and safe for animals. However, pet-friendly flooring also needs to be resistant to dirt, fur, accidents, and sharp claws.

The main features of pet-friendly flooring include comfortability, stain resistance, scratch resistance, good traction, and waterproofing – all while keeping with the look and feel of your home!

It may seem impossible to find all of these qualities in one type of flooring but there are styles of flooring out there that will tick these boxes.

Where to Use Pet-Friendly Flooring

Before you jump into buying pet-friendly flooring, it’s important to consider where you will be using it first.

For example, some materials are better suited for outdoors if you plan on protecting your backyard and deck as well as your pooch’s doghouse.

Inside, think about areas such as around the door, under the cat’s litter box, and in areas where you are starting to notice wear and tear from your pets.

Pet-friendly flooring can also be used commercially – it doesn’t just benefit homeowners! Veterinary buildings, animal hospitals, pet boarding facilities, and doggy daycares should all consider using pet-friendly flooring in their businesses.

Types of Pet-Friendly Flooring

Now that you know what pet-friendly flooring is and where you should use it, let’s look at the types of flooring available and their features:

Artificial Turf

Also known as “astroturf”, this type of flooring resembles grass and can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

A key feature of artificial turf is the slight curl of the material and flatter blades. This makes it soft enough for your pet to roll around in without getting poked by hard pieces of plastic.

Outside, this type of flooring is ideal because it gives your pet a comfortable material to run and play on without tracking mud and pests into your home.

Plus, artificial turf is durable, so your furry friend can dig holes and tear up your lawn!

If your pet tends to have accidents, you can also use artificial turf inside your home – it protects your floor from urine and feces and is easy to clean!

Waterproof Vinyl

You probably don’t want to have fake grass all over your home, so waterproof vinyl is a good choice. It’s inexpensive, waterproof, scratch-proof, stain-proof, and is also comfortable for your pet’s feet.

Vinyl flooring has come a long way and, nowadays, it is comparable in quality to laminate and linoleum.

Overall, it’s the most durable flooring available making it easy to clean and resistant to damage from your pet.


Laminate has a beautiful real-wood look but is harder and more durable than wood floors. It is also stain-resistant, making it an excellent pet-friendly flooring option.

However, keep in mind that the smooth finish of laminate flooring can be slippery for your pet’s paws. 

If you have active or older pets, consider getting textured laminate. Not only does this add style to your home (bonus!) but it also helps your pet grip the floor during their zoomies.


French bulldog puppy sleeping on ceramic floor tiles

Speaking of style, tile is a good option when it comes to pet-friendly flooring. It’s durable and long-lasting with a timeless style that will match the decor of your home.

Most tile flooring is textured so you don’t have to worry about your pet’s traction as they run around the house.

Tile is also easy to clean and maintain – perfect for pet owners!

However, tile flooring can be hard and cold so it’s recommended that you provide your pet with a comfy bed. Just don’t be surprised to find your dog or cat sprawled out on the cool floor during the summertime!


Cork is naturally antimicrobial and can help keep your home free of mold and other allergens, especially when you have pets.

Cork is also a comfortable flooring option for your furry friends and stays warmer than other flooring types such as tile.

Keep in mind, however, that cork is technically wood so it is not as scratch-resistant as other materials. 

Also, cork is water-resistant but it is not waterproof. If your pet is potty training or prone to accidents, be sure to clean up the mess immediately.


Are you looking for one of the most durable, hardest, and pet-friendly flooring options? Bamboo is sturdy, durable, and stylish – and creates a unique look in your home!

Again, bamboo is wood (well, technically grass) and it doesn’t handle moisture well. However, it is easy to clean up!


While we are not recommending you cover the floors in your home with rubber, you can purchase rubber mats to place near doors and in your dog’s kennel.

You can even use them in horse stalls, barns, and trailers!

This is an ideal flooring material because it is durable, non-porous, and comfortable.

Choosing the Best Pet-Friendly Flooring

When we think of “pets” we think of cats and dogs – but there are so many other wonderful species that humans love to keep in their homes!

In order to ensure you are choosing the best pet-friendly flooring, here are some suggestions based on the type of pet you have:

  • Dogs: Artificial Turf, Rubber, Bamboo, Laminate
  • Cats: Waterproof Vinyl, Bamboo, Laminate
  • Birds: Waterproof Vinyl, Laminate
  • Bunnies: Waterproof Vinyl, Cork, Laminate
  • Rats, Hamsters, and Other Rodents: Waterproof Vinyl, Cork, Laminate
  • Turtles: Cork, Bamboo
  • Horses and Livestock: Rubber

Just make sure when you choose a type of flooring to accommodate your pets, stay away from carpet and hardwood. Carpet is a dirt magnet that is hard to clean and hardwood can be easily damaged by claws and paws.

Happy Home – Happy Pet!

Ensuring that your home is safe for your pet is just as important as making sure your home is safe FROM your pet!

Pet-friendly flooring is the best solution to keeping your pet happy and keeping your home in good shape.

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