Edmonton Infill Homes

Living close to the heart of Edmonton is a priority for some homeowners but most desire quality modern housing. How can homeowners benefit from the amenities of the city while living in a brand new home of their dreams?

How can it be possible?

Let Parabola Developments fill you in on infill homes!

Quality Modern Housing

Parabola Developments is dedicated to building high-quality homes with above-the-standard practice – from start to finish.

We specialize in infill projects, offering modern style and unique design. All projects are constructed with certified and trusted trades.

Parabola Developments also strives to work within your budget – find out how you can have a brand new infill home built for less than you’d imagine!

The Natural Cycle of Redevelopment

As a city grows and develops, its older properties are often subdivided and sold as multiple parcels.

Modern infill design makes the most of this phenomenon – infill projects are often built in dense, mature neighborhoods close to central areas.

Whether connected or freestanding, infill homes are usually designed as tall, thin and long structure to maximize on space and footprint. Often known as “skinny houses”, this style of housing allows homeowners to take advantage of shorter commutes, public transit, and lush landscaping.

So, yes, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Downsize, Upscale

Infill construction is not limited to building a new home on an old lot. Even if you live in an older home in a thriving neighborhood, you have the option of demolishing your home and building a brand new infill home in its place.

Property hunting and home renovation may seem glamorous on TV but if you are ready for a total change – or perhaps decreasing the size of your living space while increasing the value of your property – you can replace your older home with an infill design.

In doing so, you can also split your property and create two infill homes – selling or renting the other can help offset the cost of the new construction and even make a profit. You can also have peace of mind that you remain in a familiar neighborhood.

Got Infill Homes On Your Mind?

Troy and his trusted team at Parabola Developments are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about infill homes!

Contact us today to speak with a representative from Parabola Developments to discuss your infill project!

Our Process

We are a team of trustworthy professionals that work for you. Our process is a step-by-step way of ensuring you are happy with your project.


  1. Contact Parabola Developments about your awesome project idea.
  2. Set up a time to meet on site for your free project quote.
  3. Sign an agreement regarding the terms of the project based on your estimate. Place a $500 deposit to secure your job schedule and start date.
  4. Project begins! Determine your “Five Milestone Payment Plan” dates with a $1,500 holdback.
  5. Once 100% satisfied, release the holdback amount to Parabola Developments and enjoy your newly renovated space!


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