Bathroom Renovations

Ah yes, ‘renovating’ the bathroom. We applaud your decision to venture into the realm of bathroom remodeling.

You’ve wanted to build the bathroom of your dreams for quite some time and whether you have everything mapped out in your head perfectly or you’re not sure where to start.

We are here for you! We have been renovating bathrooms in Edmonton since 2006 and have the knowledge and the ability to build a bathroom to suit your needs and dreams.

Design a better use of space

Bathroom renovations are unique because so much can be done in such a small space. With a well-planned design, this smaller space can be reconfigured with a brand new layout and brand new look!

Whether you’re looking to build a masterpiece, or are just making the most frequented room in the house more user-friendly, we’ve got you covered. Our team is standing by to answer any questions you may have.

Are you ready for a change?

Did you know that the average human spends about 92 days of their entire lifetime in the bathroom? While you won’t necessarily spend all that time in the same bathroom, it goes to show just how important a home’s bathroom is.

Perhaps you are bored of the same decor and need a new look, or maybe the plumbing is old and you’re ready to upgrade your fixtures.

Let us do the work

Bathroom renovations, especially ones that involve new plumbing and fixtures, can help to increase the energy efficiency of your home as well as clear out any rusty pipes or mold that may have accumulated in your bathroom over the years.

Before going ahead with any type of renovation, it’s critical to have a good idea of any underlying problems that can cause unwanted and unwelcome surprises. By taking the time to sort out problems before your renovation, you will save money, preserve the durability and structure of your home and protect your indoor air quality.

Recouping the costs of bathroom renos.

Apart from kitchens, bathrooms are one room of your house that home-buyers pay particular attention to. A properly renovated bathroom can offer the average Edmonton resident a 70% return on their investment when they decide to sell their property.

Considering a bathroom makeover?

You are one step away from having the bathroom you’ve always wanted! Contact us today.

Our Process

We are a team of trustworthy professionals that work for you. Our process is a step-by-step way of ensuring you are happy with your project.


  1. Contact Parabola Developments about your awesome project idea.
  2. Set up a time to meet on site for your free project quote.
  3. Sign an agreement regarding the terms of the project based on your estimate. Place a $500 deposit to secure your job schedule and start date.
  4. Project begins! Determine your “Five Milestone Payment Plan” dates with a $1,500 holdback.
  5. Once 100% satisfied, release the holdback amount to Parabola Developments and enjoy your newly renovated space!


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