RENO ROUND-UP: A Guide to Planning Your Home Renovation

Posted on: 2015-08-20


You’ve been to home and garden shows, drooled over catalogues and analyzed home renovation reality TV– You. Are. Ready… But where are you going to start?

The best home renovations start with a crystal clear plan and contingencies in place to make the best of worst-case scenarios. Ideas are easy, but a plan can be extremely challenging. When faced with detailing a step-by-step plan of a home renovation, many property owners would feel overwhelmed. Luckily Parabola is here to help! Read our brief outline below to prepare yourself for your next home reno project.


Any homeowner or contractor should know the answer to this question: “Why am I doing this renovation?” A simple answer may jump to mind, but carefully consider why you want the change in your home and what you hope to gain from the renovation. Any construction work will intrude your space, so it is best to have a concrete reason for your home renovation project.


Do you know exactly what you want to change in your home? You might have an idea or two based on something you saw– but do you know if your home is appropriate for such a renovation? Are there structural concerns? Do you need permits? All this depends on what you want changed, so be clear and concise when telling your contractor what you expect from your renovation. Do not let any work begin until you are 100% agreed on what the finished product will look like.

*Note: Even with a clear baseline plan, it’s also good practice to provide your contractor with a ‘wish list’ of renovations you’d like but don’t necessarily need. Some features could be achieved while remaining under-budget! You never know unless you ask, so clear communication with your contractor is key.


The logistics of a renovation are the least exciting, but the most important. Before any work begins, ensure you know:

  • How your reno will be financed
  • Who will be liable in event of damage
  • Where you will be living during the work (in-home is often an option, but major renos can be uncomfortable)
  • The exact timeline and deadline of the total renovation

These and other details are essential in accomplishing a smooth and professional home renovation project.

Most property owners have seen the dramatic prices, processes and problems on the dozens of home reno shows on TV these days. The truth is a lot of these sleek, quickly renovated homes and businesses do not actually represent the ‘reality’ of the situation. While owners want the TV results, they are not always prepared for the real world obligations of property renovation.

It’s true: any renovation can be challenging. So take some of the difficulty out of it and work with Parabola Developments to create a detailed plan for your property renovation. Our expertise allows us to do high-quality work in reasonable timelines and we can guide you throughout the process. Do your research and contact Parabola Developments when it is time for you to make your reno dreams a reality.


Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash