Splurge or Save: Kitchen Renovations

Posted on: 2015-10-13


When renovating your kitchen, it’s easy to get carried away– there is nearly an infinite amount of styles and variations from which to choose. Overwhelmed? Unsure of how to budget your project? Don’t worry; you can rely on the reno experts here at Parabola Developments to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. The following list outlines what is worth your dollar versus what you should skimp on.

SPLURGE on Efficiency, SAVE on Extras

New appliances always upgrade the look, feel and value of your kitchen, but don’t go overboard on superficial features. Spend your renovation dollar on whisper quiet, energy-sipping appliances that specialize in doing more with less. The savings on your utility bills are much more valuable than crushed ice, filtered water or a built-in touchscreen. Remember: unnecessary and expensive add-ons are often just one more thing that can break, incurring repair costs.

SAVE on Materials, SPLURGE on Highlights

Countertops, backsplashes, cabinetry, and hardware are the focal points of modern kitchens. Skimp on a designer, stylized materials– they’re usually expensive; invest instead in classic, neutral choices that will age well and retain their value. Heavy-duty materials that require minimal upkeep will benefit you more than flashy, delicate options. Spend a little extra on eye-catching highlights and spread them throughout your kitchen’s design. Remember: less is more!

SPLURGE on Centrepieces, SAVE on Accessories

When planning a renovation, consider what will be the most work to replace– now replace it! In fact, spend a little extra and get the exact sink, range, island or other major feature you’ve had your eye on. It doesn’t make sense to cheap out on these items, as they should be permanent features of your kitchen for years to come. Conversely, feel free to chase the discount on easily upgradeable and replaceable items (faucets, décor, and hardware, just to name a few).

SAVE on Style, SPLURGE on Structure

While it’s nice to be visually stimulated, sometimes the most important upgrades are never seen at all. Super-efficient windows and high-quality insulation cost more but look no different– until you see your next utility bill. Consider your costs through the entire intended lifetime of your renovation project. With that in mind, you will likely value substance over style during your next renovation.

The above list is only a summary of the money-saving and value-adding choices you can make for your dream kitchen reno! Contact or visit Parabola Developments today for a consultation and quote– our friendly experts will guide through the entire process with your best interests at heart.


Photo by Aaron Huber on Unsplash