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DECK MAINTENANCE: 3 Tips for Winter

Posted by Parabola Developments on Nov 3, 2017.

Winter in this part of the world means your deck will not see as much use in the coming months. Make patio upkeep a regular part of your seasonal routine, you don’t want ice and snow to ruin your outdoor space. Take in the garden hose, rake up the leaves... and maintain your deck! Repairs are much more costly than simply investing some effort in preparing for winter. Keep reading for winter deck care tips from the experts here at Parabola Developments. #1: Use the right tool for the job. Whi...Read More Here!


I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUAL: Pros & Cons of Dual Sinks

Posted by Parabola Developments on Oct 1, 2017.

When renovating kitchens or bathrooms, your attention will eventually be drawn to the sink. These days dens, garages and even mud rooms are commonly outfitted with sinks as well-- each customized to its intended purpose. When selecting a new sink, you will inevitably come to the decision between a single bowl sink or a sink with one or more partitions. Spacious master baths or powder rooms may feature twin sinks and vanities as touch of luxury. Is a dual or twinned sink right for you? Consult Pa...Read More Here!


Brighten Up Your Basement

Posted by Parabola Developments on Sep 1, 2017.

Too often property owners have a bright vision for their basements, only to have them dimmed by lack of use. Typically this is because underground rooms can be restrictive, dark and unappealing to residents. Whether you have windows or not, your basement can still be brought into the light! Consult our tips below for Parabola Developments’ guide to brightening up your basement. Colour & Contrast Generally you want to theme your basement along style trends that emphasize bright, clean col...Read More Here!


DECK MAINTENANCE: 5 Tips for Summer

Posted by Parabola Developments on Aug 1, 2017.

Summer on the prairies means patio season is in full effect! While maintenance and upkeep can seem like a chore during the warmer months, it is in your best interest to keep your deck in peak condition. Protecting your investment with simple preventative care can add years to the life of your porch and thousands of dollars to your property value. Not only that, a little bit of effort can help avoid much more costly repairs down the road. Read on for Parabola Developments best tips for summer dec...Read More Here!


CHANCE OF SHOWERS: 3 Different Ways to Customize Your Shower

Posted by Parabola Developments on Jul 1, 2017.

Whether renovating or building new, many home designers suggest that you begin with the rooms you spend the most time in: the bedroom, the kitchen and-- yes-- even the bathroom! It may seem like an afterthought, but an aesthetically pleasing bathroom can increase the quality of life for residents while adding value to the home. In a full bathroom, the shower is often the centrepiece and the customization options are endless. Keep reading Parabola Developments’ top three tips when choosing the ...Read More Here!