How to Protect Your Home’s Exterior Against Edmonton Winters

Posted on: 2021-11-15

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In Edmonton, the summers are long and comfortable. However, the winters can be pretty brutal with freezing, snowy, and windy weather conditions. 

While we do our best to bundle up and stay warm, Edmonton winters can affect the exterior of your home – and what you can do to protect it!

Homes are built to be sturdy but they are not impervious to weather. If you want to keep your home in good shape, it’s important to properly prepare it for the cold winter months.

So before you bust out your mittens and pumpkin spice lattes, take some time to inspect and repair the exterior condition of your home! Here are some things you should look out for:

Check Your Home’s Paint Job

Winter weather can do significant damage to your home’s paint job, so take advantage of warm autumn days to inspect its condition.

Looking for buckling and chipped paint as well as rotted wood. Acting now to fix these issues will ensure that the damage doesn’t get worse throughout the winter months.

Check Your Roof

You don’t have to climb a ladder and put yourself in danger to inspect your roof. Do a visual inspection from the ground, looking for areas where the shingles are curling or peeling – this can be a sign that it’s time to replace your roof.

Other signs that your roof needs to be replaced include shingles that are loose or falling off as well as discoloration and fading.

Ensuring that your roof is in good condition for wintertime is important. A good roof will prevent any leaks from melting ice and snow as well as prevent heat loss and keep your energy bills low.

Have Your Chimney Inspected

If your home’s heating system consists of a fireplace or stove, it’s important to have your chimney inspected to ensure there are no dangerous blockages.

While you can easily do a visual inspection from inside your home, have a professional look at the exterior portion of your chimney before you start lighting fires to stay warm.

Pressure Wash Surfaces

Most people pressure wash their home in the springtime but you should consider having it done in the fall as well. Clearing away surfaces such as your siding, deck, and sidewalk before the winter weather hits protects these surfaces from further damage.

Your home’s siding in particular is better suited to face the winter when it is clean rather than dirty.

Seal Leaks and Cracks

Drafts can cause huge problems in the wintertime when you are trying to heat your home and keep the costs down. Cracks and leaks will not only let cold air in but allow heat to escape as well.

This means that your home heating system will have to work harder to efficiently warm your home, costing you more and putting more strain on the system.

Cracks and leaks can also allow moisture to enter your home and lead to wood rot and other issues.

Check for leaks and cracks before wintertime hits and seal them with a waterproof sealant.

Clean the Gutters

You may not think much about your gutters in the wintertime but all of those leaves dropped throughout the fall can become lodged in your gutters. 

This leads to issues such as standing water and blockages. In the wintertime, your gutters can become blocked with heavy ice dams which can cause the gutter to start pulling away from your home.

This can lead to severe damage, so it’s important to give your gutters a good clean before winter hits.

Replace Your Siding

Weak areas in the siding of your home, especially wood siding, can allow snow to get through and damage the structure of your house. If there are cracks or weak areas in your siding, now is the time to get it replaced.

You should also make efforts to remove any snow that builds up around your home to further protect your siding.

Protect Your Pipes

Water expands when it freezes so, if the water inside your pipes freezes, the pipes can crack and burst. This can lead to massive and expensive damage.

To prevent your pipes from bursting, drain water from outdoor faucets and sprinkler systems during the fall. Be sure to also disconnect outdoor hoses and insulate outdoor faucets.

Also take into consideration pipes that run through unheated areas such as your garage, attic, or basement. These should be insulated as well.

In case you do run into a water-related emergency during the wintertime, make sure you know where to find your water shut-off valve. This will help minimize any water damage should a pipe burst in your home.

Clear Snow From Your Roof

While we are all accustomed to shoveling our driveways and walkways during the wintertime in Edmonton, have you ever thought of shoveling off your roof?

It may seem silly but you don’t want large amounts of snow on your roof to melt quickly and cause ice dams. You also don’t want your roof overloaded with snow because it can lead to sagging and extensive damage.

Roofing contractors can help you remove the snow from your roof or you can use a long-handled snow rake to remove snow near the roof’s edge. We definitely don’t recommend that you climb up on your roof in the wintertime with a shovel! 

Remove Damaged Tree Branches

Even if your branches look sturdy and healthy, those hanging above your home can be affected by winter weather such as wind, ice, and snow. It’s best to remove them in the fall before they crack and fall onto your roof, car, or even someone standing nearby.

Protect Your Home This Winter!

It only takes a few easy steps to ensure that your home’s exterior is safe against Edmonton winters. A few moments of your time can pay off big when it comes to avoiding extensive damage!

While you’re taking care of the outside of your home, Parabola Developments is here to take care of the inside! Ask us about our renovation services that can transform your home into a dream home.

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