Posted on: 2014-10-17


Many people try several restaurants before they pick a favourite spot. Others might try on a dozen pairs of jeans before they settle on the perfect ones. Yet when faced with the major financial investment of a renovation project, some property owners will hire a contractor simply based on whether or not they appear honest or trustworthy. A friendly and professional appearance can be important, but it is only one element of a qualified contractor’s characteristics. Responsible home or business owners can save themselves a lot of time, money and grief by scrutinizing a variety of contractors before hiring one.

By the numbers

Interviewing many contractors will give the property owner a wider perspective on the market value of the materials and labour required. Any final quote for a project should be selected out of multiple contractor bids. Remember: a low price isn’t always the best price!

Details matter

Permits, warranties, subcontracting, clean-up, cancellation rights– all of these should be provided for in a proper contract. Little issues can lead to large problems if the property owner makes assumptions about the project or their contractor.

Through the grapevine

Property owners should source as many referrals as they can from friends and family, colleagues, neighbours, online reviews, home shows and even suppliers that sell to contractors. Word travels fast (good and bad), so pay attention to contractors with superior reputations that produce quality workmanship.

High standards

When settling on contractors, it is essential to separate the pros from the amateurs. Professional contractors should have no problem providing proof of valid insurance for all workers. Look for other qualities like easily obtainable references, good standing with suppliers and the local BBB (Better Business Bureau) and clear, organized communication and documents.

Red flags

Avoid “door-to-door” contractors who solicit projects, especially if there is any mention of a discount– these are common scams of unlicensed contractors. Any quote given by a contractor that has not seen the project cannot be trusted; an experienced professional knows that every job is different. Money demanded upfront, avoidance of deadlines and work done without contracts are some of the most dangerous pitfalls facing a property owner.All can lead to massive expense and shoddy work, with no protection for the owner.

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