Posted on: 2014-09-17


Contractors are known for doing physical work, but many people overlook the paperwork involved. Valid insurance and permits are just a few features of a responsible contractor, but they are absolutely essential. Whether renovating or even just having a consultation done, a responsible home or business owner ensures all workers on their property are properly licensed and insured.


Insurance: an insured contractor will be able to present a valid insurance certificate covering all on-site workers for property damage and public liability.

Workers’ Compensation Board: both the contractor and tradespeople can provide valid numbers to prove WCB coverage.

Without insurance and WCB coverage, the property owner could end up on the ugly end of a lawsuit. Injuries to workers and damage to public or private property can easily turn into an expensive ordeal.


A building permit is another important document to consider when making any renovations or changes to your home or business. Specific requirements of any building permit vary on your municipal zoning and by-laws, but most outline necessary structural codes for health and safety. Generally, if the work you plan to do causes any major structural changes (ie: wall removal, fireplace installation, etc) you will need to apply for a building permit. If you do require a permit, plans or drawings may be needed to achieve final approval. Depending on the project, electrical and plumbing permits might also need to be acquired independently.

With authorization, a good contractor can work closely with a customer to arrange all of the appropriate paperwork. Parabola Developments will assess a property owner’s needs and simplify the process of insurance coverage and permit applications. Avoid the horror stories of astronomical injury lawsuits and homeowners forced to undo their renovations, choose Parabola for your next renovation or consultation.

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Photo by from Pexels