HOMEOWNER LIFEHACK: Vacuum Under Your Fridge

Posted on: 2015-06-20


Appliances age and degrade over time while more efficient models are always being introduced to the market. It’s easy to think that a investing in newer appliances is a good way to reduce your energy costs– but you might be overlooking energy savings in your very own kitchen. No matter how old your appliances are, regular maintenance, upkeep and cleaning can keep them running efficiently and effectively for years to come. Lifehack your home and wallet by following these simple guidelines to getting the most out of your fridge.


We use our refrigerators every day, but do we really know how they work? Coolant is run through coils to keep the inside of your fridge cold, so these coils must be exposed to outside air. If you look under and behind any appliance you will likely find a dust bunny or two… But a fridge’s coils can be especially attractive to dust as they provide lots of surface area for it to land on. Dust and hair build-up on these coils reduces a refrigerator’s ability to cool off efficiently– leading to higher energy usage, overheating and possibly even burn out.


It might seem intimidating or even gross at first glance, the under and backside of appliances can easily be ignored for a long time (“Out of sight, out of mind,” right?). But to get the best efficiency out of your refrigerator is important to vacuum out as much of the dust and debris as possible. Unplug your fridge and pull it from the wall, vacuum the rear of the appliance and all around its area. If the dust is difficult to reach, try using a wand attachment or a vacuum with more suction– don’t be too concerned, an access panel at the foot of your fridge should provide ample access to most household vacuums. Once vacuumed, check, maintain and clean the problem areas as needed.


Now that you’ve got your fridge efficient on the outside, it’s time to do the same inside. Refrigerators are most efficient when full, though an overfilled fridge may require more energy or waste it if the door does not close properly. If you keep very few things in your fridge, consider downsizing or keeping it less cold to save on energy costs. Gather your items that need to be the coldest towards the back of the fridge. Prevent ice build-up in your freezer and defrost as needed. Follow all maintenance guidelines in your owner’s manual.

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Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels