Transform Your Boring Basement Into a True Man Cave With These 3 Tips!

Posted on: 2013-02-28


The ultimate man cave is one that is so comfortable that no one ever wants to leave. There are many different routes that can be taken to design the perfect man cave, from sophisticated ones with handy mini-refrigerators and a single remote control to work all of the electronics, to simple ones with a pool table, a single (yet large television set) and an overstuffed couch.

If you want to take your man cave up a notch and make it something unforgettable, consider one of these three tips:

Install a Wet Bar

Imagine having a glass-fronted, chilled cabinet for your beer, alongside an ice machine, a working sink (hence the name “wet bar”) and even a rack to hold all of your liquor properly. Include a cabinet full of different types of glasses, next to a built-in wine rack. All of these can turn your man cave into party central, or just a nice place to hang out and watch the game.

More TV’s!

Speaking of bars, go with the sports bar effect and fill a wall with television sets. A wall covered with various sized televisions means that you can watch more shows at once, or even have the same thing playing on all of them for an amplified effect. This is great for parties, since people can pick and choose what they want to watch. Even if most of the television sets are off, the spectacle of having a wall full of them is unforgettable. And that’s the type of detail that makes a man cave truly epic.

Choose Your Lighting Carefully

The difference between a good man cave and a bad one lies in the lighting. Since man caves are in the basement, they don’t receive a lot of natural light, which makes the light fixtures that much more important. You want to choose ones that match the overall décor, and they should be attached to a dimmer switch so that they can be easily adjusted.


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Photo by Johann Trasch on Unsplash