Brighten Up Your Basement

Posted on: 2017-09-01


Too often property owners have a bright vision for their basements, only to have them dimmed by lack of use. Typically this is because underground rooms can be restrictive, dark and unappealing to residents. Whether you have windows or not, your basement can still be brought into the light! Consult our tips below for Parabola Developments’ guide to brightening up your basement.

Colour & Contrast

Generally you want to theme your basement along style trends that emphasize bright, clean colours and low amounts of contrast. White, off-white and a range of pastels are best applied evenly across the ceiling, walls and any columns to give a sense of openness. Avoid contrasting with a dark floor, instead choose a complementary colour or similarly light pattern. Dark pieces can be used as highlights or centrepieces to draw the eye inwards, but do not oversaturate the room.

Open & Organized

While they are already popular, basements benefit from fully embracing an open floor plan. The sense of roominess can counteract the closed-in space, allowing for more furniture, art, electronics or even a game table! Be careful not to crowd the area with things that could be stored elsewhere. Consider multi-purpose items and built-in organizers to minimize the risk of clutter building up over time.

Light & Bright

Lighting a basement can be a headache, especially without the benefit of natural light from windows. Recessed lighting is an effective alternative that adds ambient light to the room. Sconces are also popular, but make sure they shine outwards and not just up or down. Without layered styling, light that is effective elsewhere can close in a basement space.

Shine & Reflect

Matte floors and surfaces are nice in the right environment, but try to select something with shininess or a muted glow when designing your basement. The reflected light will brighten the whole room! Add to this with reflective or shiny highlights and decor spread out through the space. Mirrors and mirrored finishes are also invaluable to someone seeking to open up the feel of a smaller area.


There are many strategies to widen the scope of a basement that would otherwise feel cramped and clustered. Cozy is one thing, but lower ceilings and limited light mean you may have to make an effort to brighten things up. Feeling overwhelmed with your basement space? Never fear, the pros at Parabola Developments are here! Contact or visit us today with any questions or concerns you may have.


Photo by Thomas Vimare on Unsplash