I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUAL: Pros & Cons of Dual Sinks

Posted on: 2017-10-01


When renovating kitchens or bathrooms, your attention will eventually be drawn to the sink. These days dens, garages and even mud rooms are commonly outfitted with sinks as well– each customized to its intended purpose. When selecting a new sink, you will inevitably come to the decision between a single bowl sink or a sink with one or more partitions. Spacious master baths or powder rooms may feature twin sinks and vanities as touch of luxury. Is a dual or twinned sink right for you? Consult Parabola Developments’ pro and con list below for a quick guide before contacting our team today!


  • Separate sinks and vanities offer more personal space to the residents… Plenty of storage! No more fighting over the tap or the good light!
  • Two sinks means two uses– dual sinks or partitioned bowls means you can soak, drain or dry without taking up the only sink.
  • Modern sinks can be outfitted with special features so dual sinks mean twice the gadgets. Approached from a style standpoint, designers could contrast or twin a key element of a home’s decor.


  • Larger or dual sinks take up more counter space. This problem can be counteracted with a larger vanity, but all bathrooms have their limits.
  • Cost should not be overlooked, such as the labour and other expenses created by the extra plumbing and custom fitting required for specialty sinks. While having twice the time-saving features might be fun, it does require twice the investment.
  • The desire to multitask can actually make things harder. Single bowl sinks can accommodate larger items at any given time, often making them a more versatile option.

And the winner is… the consumer! Luckily, many options are available from various sources because homebuilding and renovation is a major market. In most cases, you will find the right sink set-up for your needs at a reasonable price– failing that, it can be custom built to your specifications.

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Photo by Christa Grover on Unsplash