DECK MAINTENANCE: 3 Tips for Winter

Posted on: 2017-11-03


Winter in this part of the world means your deck will not see as much use in the coming months. Make patio upkeep a regular part of your seasonal routine, you don’t want ice and snow to ruin your outdoor space. Take in the garden hose, rake up the leaves… and maintain your deck! Repairs are much more costly than simply investing some effort in preparing for winter. Keep reading for winter deck care tips from the experts here at Parabola Developments.

#1: Use the right tool for the job.

While your sidewalk and driveway can take a beating, patios can be more sensitive to heavy duty shovels or scrapers. Whether wood or synthetic, light snow should be brushed off with a soft broom– if absolutely necessary, only use a plastic bladed snow shovel on your deck. Man-made materials can be kept ice-free with melting products containing sodium chloride or calcium chloride. Wood can be damaged by these compounds, but some have success with a layer of rock salt or sand as long as it is cleared off promptly.

#2: Clean your deck thoroughly, before and after winter.

It may be tempting to let the snow cover up any stains or grime sustained by your deck over the summer, but this is a common pitfall. After a grueling winter, these blemishes can become permanent and they may even cause the material to degrade prematurely. Give your patio a scrubbing before the cold sets in and make sure to clear snow and debris until spring. It is also important to clean your outdoor space thoroughly after any major thaws.

#3: Apply an appropriate protective coating.

If applicable, consider applying a sealer, stain or other similar protective coating to help repel rain, snow, dirt and other elements that could damage your deck. While “maintenance-free” patio materials are often already resilient to these effects, they too can be reinforced with products such as rain repellant. On the other hand, there is no end to the variety of products for natural materials– each with different shades and finishes.

Modern decks and patios come in all types of materials, shapes and sizes. Knowing the right care and upkeep can be difficult to stay on top of– but consult the tips above and bring any questions or concerns to Parabola Developments. Our helpful and friendly staff are standing by to help you prep your outdoor space for winter!