DECK MAINTENANCE: 5 Tips for Summer

Posted on: 2017-08-01


Summer on the prairies means patio season is in full effect! While maintenance and upkeep can seem like a chore during the warmer months, it is in your best interest to keep your deck in peak condition. Protecting your investment with simple preventative care can add years to the life of your porch and thousands of dollars to your property value. Not only that, a little bit of effort can help avoid much more costly repairs down the road. Read on for Parabola Developments best tips for summer deck care and you will be enjoying the outdoors for years to come.

1. Look & Listen

A regular, thorough inspection is the simplest way to ensure your deck remains in tip-top shape all summer long. Make it part of your routine to walk around your patio– look for wear and damage while you listen for new or irregular sounds. After this becomes a habit, any issues will stand out immediately and you can take action as soon as possible. Every two or three inspections, take the time to look below the deck and make note of any degradation of the support structure or build-up of debris.

2. Wash Up

Whether your deck is wood, composite or another material, keeping it clean is one of the best possible ways to extend its life. While a mop and bucket is good for a standard clean, a pressure washer is the most effective way to blast away grit and grime. The outdoors can be rough on manmade structures and leaving it dirty is a surefire breeding ground for harmful pests. Always treat mold and mildew immediately with appropriate chemicals and consider hiring an exterminator if you find evidence of an infestation.

3. Heavy Metal

At the start of summer and throughout the year, be on the lookout for damage to nails, hardware and other metal components. The thaw and freeze of winter, the dampness of spring, the storms of summer– these are all enemies of even the most durable metal. Treat or replace rusted parts as soon as possible and always make note of any loose nails or screws. These can usually be tightened or replaced easily, extending the life of your deck and protecting the health and safety of those who enjoy it.

4. Wood Work

If your deck is made of wood, always replace split or rotten planks immediately. If left to worsen, they can spread their damage quicker than you might think. Getting to them early means you can “spot treat” the areas without major, expensive replacement. Additionally, composite or synthetic materials can suffer similar defects– often these are covered by warranty for many years.

5. Wear A Coat

Applying a coat of stain or sealant adds a layer of defense between your deck and Mother Nature. This can usually be maintained with minimal effort by reapplying every year or as needed. Not only is it functional, it can add a splash of style thanks to the wide range of colours, shades and variations. If you would rather go a la mode au natural, there are many clear coats that offer the same protection without altering the appearance. If you have a composite or synthetic deck, always refer to the manufacturer’s guide for what is or is not appropriate to apply to the material.
As you can see, the above tips are not comprehensive but they do offer a great starting point for any deck owner. Whether in your backyard or out at the cottage, every patio should be given your full care and attention. Not only will this keep the area safe for you and your guests, it will also prevent expensive repair or replacement in the future.

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