CHANCE OF SHOWERS: 3 Different Ways to Customize Your Shower

Posted on: 2017-07-01


Whether renovating or building new, many home designers suggest that you begin with the rooms you spend the most time in: the bedroom, the kitchen and– yes– even the bathroom! It may seem like an afterthought, but an aesthetically pleasing bathroom can increase the quality of life for residents while adding value to the home. In a full bathroom, the shower is often the centrepiece and the customization options are endless. Keep reading Parabola Developments’ top three tips when choosing the best shower design for your needs.


When you think of a shower enclosure, there is more to it than you might think at first glance. First, decide if you want a bold frame or a sleek frameless design. If you plan to have a tub, make sure it is accommodated in the space. Finally, consider custom options like heated floors, shower benches, vents for steam and hardware that matches the look of your new bathroom.


Luxury showers are often imagined as gleaming white, clad in porcelain and marble. While that is a classic look, modern innovations in manufacturing has opened up a whole new world of materials. Metals like chromed aluminum and brushed bronze add personality when used as accent pieces. Tile or stone are also popular, while glass is available in variations such as frosted blocks, textured panels and treatments that help prevent soap scum.


A typical shower has door or a curtain, but newer designs are much more imaginative. Multiple entrances can add a sense of flair and extravagance, while maximizing your bathroom’s floor plan. Sliding doors can also increase a smaller area’s footprint in lieu of shower doors that swing outwards. In bigger spaces, a non-enclosed shower will make the most of the extra room and can be designed to drain water naturally.
The above three pillars of shower design are just the starting points for your bathroom project. Also, don’t forget to change your showerhead on the regular! Consult with the professionals here at Parabola for a full exploration of all available options.

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