RENO KNOW-HOW: 4 Ways to Prepare a Home for Renovation

Posted on: 2017-06-01


Any home renovation project can be a challenge for the residents and contractors alike– thankfully, there are some simple steps to follow to ease the pain. Do you have an upcoming reno or are you planning some home improvement? Prepare yourself by consulting Parabola Developments’ guide below and contact us with any questions or concerns.

1. Keep Everybody Informed

The first step in any good reno project is to make sure everyone involved is on the same page. From parking priorities to problematic pets, from safety standards to scheduling snafus– establish guidelines early on and update them as needed. Make a list of phone numbers and emails for residents and contractors alike, so everybody stays in the loop.

2. Protect Your Home & Belongings

Plastic sheeting, bubble wrap, zippered enclosures, vent covers… These are just some of the products careful property owners use to protect against dust and debris caused by in-home contractor work. If you are about to begin a renovation project, belongings around the worksite area should be moved to storage while large or built-in items should be covered and secured.

3. Control What You Can

There are countless ways a reno can be derailed, delayed or disrupted– don’t let frustration make things worse! While complications are impossible to predict, you can ease the burden on residents by being prepared. Some tips: maintain a personal area away from the work area; change filters and tidy often to limit dust; if possible, keep the kitchen and a bathroom off-limits to contractors.

4. Choose the Right Project for the Right Season

As any ambitious property owner knows, there is a project for every season– environmental factors can and will impact the length, cost, and convenience of a renovation. Spring and summer are ideal for outdoor projects such as deck or fence building, window replacement, siding, painting, and roofing. Fall is your last, best chance to complete exterior repairs, paint touch-ups, and any winterizing projects. Winter is best for interior remodeling, especially if residents are planning a vacation.

The above steps are only a few, short ideas to keep your reno project running smoothly. Contact Parabola today for a comprehensive consultation!


Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash