5 Reasons to Replace your Showerhead

Posted on: 2016-10-25


Unless you are a hardcore bath-taker, you probably use your shower almost everyday. As with anything we use daily, a shower and its related parts go through a lot of wear and tear. Proper usage, cleaning and care can go a long way to extending the lifetime of your bathroom fixtures— but eventually everything needs to be replaced, including your showerhead. Read on for Parabola Developments list of five reasons why you should replace your showerhead once every year or so.

1. Hard Water

Across the Prairies, the water delivered into our home is considered hard water. This means the water we use as a safe, but higher concentration of minerals in it. Among the issues it causes is dry skin, less lather from soap and, you guessed it, clogged fixtures. Hard water causes mineral deposits or scale to develop on your showerhead over time, significantly reducing water flow.

2. Material

Certain materials are more susceptible to common problems with showerheads. While metal stains and rusts more easily, plastic can actually retain mold and bacteria. Always use the appropriate cleaning supplies and methods specific to the material of your showerhead. When in doubt, a vinegar-water solution is usually safe and effective for most materials.

3. Screens & Filters

Always check your showerhead for blocked or dirty screens and filters. Depending on the make and model of your fixture, it may have multiple filtration systems that can become blocked by debris. Clearing it and replacing the screen or filter will improve water flow, extending the life of your showerhead.

4. Cleaning’s Not Enough

While you may clean your showerhead on the regular, but it will never be enough to make the fixture last forever. Inevitably, showerheads build up enough residue that they cannot be cleaned in an effective manner. This, in turn, leads to bacteria and mold build-up– an old showerhead, no matter how well cleaned, might be a waste of elbow grease.

5. Bacteria

We think of the shower as a place to get clean– so why do we ignore our showerheads when they are past their prime? After a year or so, your showerhead will transform into the perfect place for bacteria to thrive and spread. Clean all you want, it isn’t enough to reverse the process. Change your showerheads every year or so and you will ensure you aren’t showering in possibly harmful bacteria and mold.

It’s easy to overlook your showerhead early in the morning or as you rinse off the day– but don’t forget! A showerhead that is showing its age may be hiding numerous problems under the surface. Refer to our list above for tips, but feel free to contact Parabola Developments for help from the experts today!