Why The Deck You See on TV Costs More Than $4000

Posted on: 2013-07-24


Television home improvement shows do have one thing right: a backyard deck can do many things. It can make your yard more useful, provide you with a place to sit and relax or host a barbecue, and it can even add on to your home’s property value. However, the decks that you see on TV cost more than $4,000 to build. That is the one thing that these shows have wrong.
Why do these decks cost more than $4,000? There are many reasons, including:

Premium Lumber

What you see on TV are decks made from premium lumber whose price has been subsidized by the manufacturer. These manufacturers receive a little free advertising out of the process, either from the packaging logos being shown, or from the hosts of the show telling everyone where the lumber came from. This lumber is not cheap, and depending on the size of your deck, can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by itself.


The people who host the show or the ones who do the work (in some cases, the hosts do both jobs) aren’t being paid by the homeowners for their work. Instead, they’re contracted by the TV show and are paid by the producers. In real life, you’ll have to pay for things like design and labor. Building a deck properly takes time.

The Details

The decks that you see on TV usually have additional details, like rounded edges and corners, special stains, and even built-in niches for flower pots or container gardens. Putting in all of these extra details takes time and requires a good deal of planning. And again, all of these time-intensive things cost extra, as they take time and labor to complete. This is why you will pay more than $4,000 for a professionally-built luxury deck.

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