SPLURGE OR SAVE: Basement Renovations

Posted on: 2016-04-01


Basements are a classic renovation project for homeowners and flippers alike. Finishing a roughed-in basement can provide a whole new space to express your design goals and accommodate your lifestyle. Before committing to a fully custom basement reno, consult Parabola’s guide below. You can avoid costly expenses by carefully investing your money in worthwhile improvements.

SPLURGE on Materials, SAVE on Labour

Properly installing high-quality insulation is an easy way to upgrade your basement, but you can also invest in soundproofing to reduce noise and vibration from the main floor. Ensure that any intended electrical or plumbing outlets are placed close to existing pipes and wires– moving or extending these can be expensive and time-consuming. Waterproofing and moisture management should always be considered before major construction work.

SAVE on Construction, SPLURGE on Tech

Instead of squeezing in a guest room and office with individual doors into your floorplan, design your basement around an open concept. Unless you absolutely need a closed-off space, fewer additions and customizations will save you money. A more cost-effective alternative is to spend those savings on high tech add-ons such as Ethernet outlets, wi-fi extenders, charging stations… and everyone’s favorite: home theatre products!

SPLURGE on Lighting, SAVE on Flooring

As natural light is lacking in most basements, it is reasonable to invest in quality lighting and attractive fixtures. Good lighting can enhance certain design choices, just as harsh lighting can detract from even the most luxurious amenities. A plush carpet or stylish laminate may stand out in the showroom, but a professionally applied concrete stain or heavy-duty material can be a cost-effective alternative. Consider highlight rugs and fun seating alternatives to add personality to your new basement space.

SAVE on Custom, SPLURGE on Bargains

Yes, the custom 6-foot mahogany bar with vintage stools and built-in keg fridge sounds glorious– but there are more affordable versions out there! Pinch some pennies buying “pre-fab” bars and cabinetry and the savings will buy you a dozen extra features (your precious keg fridge, for example). Standard sizes go on sale more often and will fit better into most homes, all at the fraction of the cost of custom work.

The options are endless! If you have plans to renovate a basement space, contact or visit Parabola Developments today. Our experts are standing by to give you a comprehensive consultation and an experienced estimate.


Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels