PROS & CONS: Open Concept Floorplans

Posted on: 2017-01-30


When it comes to home decor, open concept floorplans have been a dominant trend for many years. Designed to maximize small spaces, this design philosophy embraces freedom of movement and clear sight lines. Considering an open concept floorplan for your next home or reno project? Be warned: what’s popular doesn’t always work for every space! Consult Parabola Developments’ guide below to help determine if this design will work for you.


The following is a summary of the most common advantages of open concept floorplans:

  • More light. Fewer walls and obstructions means natural light can filter throughout your space in the day. Ambient lighting can also be achieved more easily at night.
  • Entertaining. Closed concept homes often restrict parties and gatherings to specific rooms. Open concepts allow your guests to interact more freely.
  • Closeness. Many families opt for open concepts because they add a sense of intimacy. For example, parents can cook dinner while observing their children in the family room.


Open concepts can also present some disadvantages, review our summary below:

  • Less privacy. Whether you are family or not, a quiet space of one’s own is a rarity in open concept floorplans. Doors and walls can help when being around people won’t.
  • Decor. Art, photos, shelving– all of these need one major thing in common: a surface on which to mount them! If your floorplan minimizes walls, you may find yourself without a place to hang your hat.
  • Cleanliness. When all of your rooms are blended into one or two larger rooms, one small mess can create a sense of disorder. Sometimes it is nice to close the door on a messy playroom or a cluttered closet.


Only you can decide if an open concept floorplan will work for your home or reno project. Always avoid altering your home just because it’s popular or it looked good in a staged photo. Before committing to a major project, add mirrors or minimalist furnishings to your existing living space to see if you enjoy the sense of openness.

If you are ready for an open concept or simply have questions or concerns— contact Parabola Developments today!