Technology In The Home

Posted on: 2017-02-28


We are well into the 21st century– property owners are embracing advances and innovations that can make anywhere more comfortable or convenient. Of course, customizability and connectability have been integrated into almost every aspect of our lives and the home is no exception. If you want to take your living space to the next level, consult Parabola Developments’ guide below to new technology in the home.


“Smart” or “connected” thermostats first made waves on crowdfunding websites, transitioning into an everyday term when their advantages became too obvious to ignore. Fully controllable from a smartphone or a computer, a smart thermostat will also learn your preferences as you adjust it. Soon, your thermostat will predict the changes in temperature before you even realize you’re too cold or hot. Not only does this keep you comfy, but it also saves money on your utility bill.


Once a feature of luxury homes and 5-star hotels, remote control window treatments have become cheaper and easier to install than ever before. Dropping a shade (or several) at a touch of a button offers the ultimate convenience for a property owner that wants to manage natural light, glare or temperature. Also, many makes and models can be scheduled or customized to your schedule– set it and forget it!


Generally sold in packs or combos, wireless lighting setups are another innovation that have reduced in price over time. Most major manufacturers have branched out into this field, carrying a line of “smart” lightbulbs and associated apps or accessories. Achieve the perfect ambience with wireless or automatic lights and never worry about the environmental or financial consequences of leaving a light on again.


From “pet cams” to serious security setups, properties can be outfitted with a wide range of wireless, app-controlled options. You can be instantly notified of any movement or unexpected alarms with a monitoring system connected directly to your smartphone. Some brands even allow you to speak to your pet, activate or deactivate components or even notify the authorities instantly.

The above features are only a summary of the many smart or wireless additions you can make to your property. Parabola can help turn your home into a mad scientist’s dream or a gadget lover’s nirvana– contact us today!