Why Choose LED Lighting for Your Home or Business?

Posted on: 2011-10-15


In addition to ‘traditional’ residential uses, lighting can also be used to beautify decks, gardens, kitchens, basements, and beyond to maximize the use of outdoor living spaces, create a personalized ‘mood’, and even increase a property’s value. More and more Edmontonians are now using fiber optics or LEDs not just for aesthetics, but also for energy efficiency and safety, too.

The Basics of LED Lighting Consultation and Installation

It all starts with the initial project consultations and on-site surveys. Here, your contractor will explain some of your available options, the associated costs, and present the proper and efficient installation techniques that they will implement – ultimately resulting in a smooth and trouble-free installation.

There’s also the on-site supervision of product installation and start-up, wherein professional engineers are physically on the site to monitor the installation and start-up of the lighting installation.

Here, supervision involves the inspection of fixtures, as well as checking for proper wiring configurations before fully installing the lights.

Choosing The Ideal General Contracting Company

The ideal general contractor will offer you various products, tools, and resources including prototyping, engineering support, and integration support and systems, both for indoor lighting and landscape lighting for outdoors. And, regardless of the project type, the company should guarantee you an experienced and highly technical team that can help you succeed with your lighting plans.

How Parabola Can Help

As a certified Jouneyman Electrician with thousands of installation hours, We’ve been involved with several successful commercial and residential LED installations, and would be happy to meet with you to help decide if an LED lighting upgrade is right for your Edmonton home or business.

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Photo by Dil on Unsplash