Choose Your Own Adventure: Hardwood vs. Laminate

Posted on: 2016-06-20


When it comes to redoing your floors, there are many popular options– but none so popular as hardwood or laminate. Real wood flooring has been around for almost as long as houses! Once used for convenience and cost-effectiveness, hardwood floors are now highly sought after with many exotic types and styles. Laminate used to be considered a cheap substitute, but technological advancements have led to a better, stronger and more stylish product.

Let Parabola Developments help you settle the debate once and for all. Read on for our guide to choosing between hardwood and laminate flooring options.


Hardwood floors have texture, warmth and unique wood grain. Laminate floors offer a uniform feel and pattern.


Both surfaces are resilient to scratches and scoring, but only hardwood can be spot-repaired or refinished. Individual laminate pieces can sometimes be replaced, but beware of fading.


Most modern, quality laminate flooring has a 20 year life expectancy. Hardwood flooring, if properly installed and maintained, can last the lifetime of your property.


Hardwood is susceptible to warping or worse when exposed to excessive humidity and spills. Laminate is extremely resistant to moisture as long as liquids are cleaned up promptly.


Laminate flooring is cheaper to produce, ship and install– hardwood can’t touch the base price, but its long life and higher resale value help make up the difference.


Eco-friendly options are available regardless of your choice, but real wood does not need the resins or binding agents used in laminate products.


Both flooring choices are extremely easy to clean and maintain.

It’s a tight finish… and the only tiebreaker is you! Contact Parabola Developments today to start your adventure in choosing new flooring. No matter the size, shape or style of your space, our experts will guide you to your perfect hardwood or laminate floor.


Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash