How much does it cost to renovate a basement?

Posted on: 2017-12-02


It’s impossible to put a price on homeowner happiness – that said, it’s truly is difficult to give a general cost that encompasses all basement renovations.

A more complicated plan – one that turns a cement-walled, spider web-covered space into a carpeted and wood-paneled home office – will obviously cost more than a simple job that consists of adding a single wall to divide an already finished space. It’s all about what you want, while at the same time sticking to your set budget parameters.

There are four main things that Troy Hrushka of Parabola Developments takes into consideration before beginning on a project:

1. Homeowner Vision

The planning process is just as important as completing the work. The homeowner shares their basement vision with our team and we can take it from there.

2. Labor & Materials Costs

After a throughout meeting with the client, our team will draw up a plan to determine labour and material costs for your particular project.

3. Homeowner Budget

Being realistic with your budgetary contraints is key. Our team can work with all kinds of budgets. Read our tips on how to budget for your renovation.

4. Time

If a project needs to be completed in a short period of time, it may end up costing more due to the increased number of workers needed to meet the deadline.

Don’t forget to read our advice for what to look for in a contractor. We’re confident that Parabola Developments can help create the basement of your dreams!

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