Modernizing Your Edmonton Bathroom – 5 Popular New Renovation Trends

Posted on: 2012-06-19


When it comes to bathrooms, there are few things that never change. For example, every bathroom needs to have a toilet and a sink, plus, as long as it is a full bath and not a half bath, a shower and bathtub are considered mandatory. Other improvement options tend to sway back and forth in popularity, changing depending on the current trends. Here are five of the hot new bathroom renovation options that you can take advantage of:

1. Rain Showerhead.

A rain showerhead is designed so that the drops fall on your (or anyone else’s) head intermittently – as if you were outside in a rainstorm with a bar of soap and some shampoo. They are more soothing than a standard showerhead, yet they are built to fit over the existing plumbing outlets and pipes.

2. Additional Storage.

Similar to how California Closets have turned the ordinary bedroom closet into a storage masterpiece, the newest trend in bathroom renovating has become a place to keep all of your necessities and then some. Under sink cabinets with built-in organization, wall storage (including shelves of various sizes and mirrored cabinets) and custom made corner cabinets and shelving are all popular options.

3. Larger Spaces.

Although an extensive interior remodel must be done in order to make your bathroom larger, it isn’t stopping many people. Bathrooms with separate shower and tub stalls, as well as double sinks and even huge Jacuzzi tubs are some of the hot new trends, and larger bathrooms need to be carved out of the existing space in order to fit them all in.

4. Interesting Color Choices.

The days of a boring neutral or pastel-colored bathroom are gone. The newest trends involve designing the room around a bold wall color, like a bright purple or jewel-toned green, and having the v follow suit.

5. High-Tech Additions.

Some of the more complex bathroom renovations involve adding a television that is hidden behind or integrated into a mirror, digitally run showerheads and sink spouts that adjust the water temperature with the touch of a button from the next room, and mirrors that do not fog up when the humidity rises.

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Photo by Jose Soriano on Unsplash