What’s the Right Placement for Your Shower Bench

Posted on: 2013-08-21


Shower benches are useful, especially if you have mobility problems and have issues standing up for certain periods of time. Because of this, you mostly see shower benches in the bathrooms of the elderly. However, there are built-in models that can enhance the entire look of your bathroom – whether you have medical issues or simply want to be able to sit down in the shower and shave your legs. Keep these points in mind if you are considering adding one during your next bathroom renovation.

What Are My Options?

Shower benches come in two main types: permanent and removable. The removable kind usually fold up and can be moved around in the shower, or taken out when not in use. The other kind is built right into the shower itself. This type consists of tiled steps or a tiled seat that is a part of the shower itself. Obviously, this kind of shower bench isn’t removable, unless you want to redo the entire shower.

Placement. Placement. Placement.

The trick lies in placing the bench in just the right spot. You need it to be within range of the showerhead, not so far at the end of the shower that you won’t get wet. If you have a removable shower bench, you can keep it at the far end and then move it closer when it’s time to take a shower. However, if you’re having a permanent, tiled one built into your shower, this placement becomes crucial.

The best to determine the placement of a shower bench involves turning on the shower and checking the spray. Some shower heads are adjustable, so you may be able to move it around to see where you’d like the bench to be. Keep in mind that you likely aren’t the only person using the shower, so the bench shouldn’t be in the way. People shouldn’t be forced to use the bench in the shower – it should only be there to support those who need it.

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