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Beautify Your Property with Professional Landscaping

Posted by Parabola Developments on Jul 15, 2011.

Landscaping is both a science and an art. As a science, it requires good observation. As an art, landscaping requires the skills for designing to produce a beautiful design. What is Landscaping? Landscaping involves the modification of the features of the land area including the plants, the terrain, landforms, and bodies of water in order to make everything pleasing to the eye. Landscaping is both fashionable and functional. For instance, some do landscaping for energy efficiency. Your regiona...Read More Here!


Is an Acid Stained Floor Right for Your Home or Business?

Posted by Parabola Developments on Jul 4, 2011.

A popular type of flooring in many homes is acid concrete staining. Acid concrete staining is the process of applying colors on concrete walls or floors by using acid-based chemicals and other substances. Acid stain products are usually a mixture of water, acid-soluble metallic salts and hydrochloric acid. The acid stain reacts with the composition of the concrete slabs. Because the composition of the slabs vary, it is also expected that the concrete slabs will accept stains in varying intens...Read More Here!