3 Winter Home Improvement Projects You Can Start Today

Posted on: 2013-01-15

two-men-using-a-saw -to-renovate-their-edmonton-home-in-the-winter

Believe it or not, there are a number of home improvement projects that can be completed in the winter. Before choosing which ones to tackle, keep in mind that any kind of outright expansion that involves removing walls or parts of the roof should be set aside for warmer weather – otherwise your home will be extremely drafty and hard to keep warm when the weather turns inclement. Here are three ideas that do not involve removing walls:


As long as your plans do not involve making your bathroom three times larger by adding an extension onto your house, you can remodel your bathroom in the winter. Consider turning your bathroom into a spa, changing all of the fixtures and features, or even making smaller, more budget-friendly changes like paint color, tile, lighting and (if you have the space) adding more cabinets for storage.


The wintertime is a great time of the year to turn your current kitchen into your dream kitchen. Removing the cabinets, installing all new appliances, switching the wall colors, and even adding a new island (built from scratch) can all be accomplished while the weather is bad. The only time you will run into trouble is if you plan on expanding your kitchen by building outward beyond the exterior walls of the house. Otherwise, feel free to turn your kitchen dreams into a reality no matter the weather.


Even if you intend on hosting a few holiday parties, your basement can be remodeled during the winter. After all, you can close it off with a door so no one will see it until the work is complete! Whether you want to turn your basic basement into a man cave, a game room, an extra office, a library, or a giant laundry room complete with plenty of shelving, the winter is the best time of year to do it.

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Photo by Annie Gray on Unsplash