Who’s Who in a Bathroom Renovation

Posted on: 2018-04-04


You’ve decided to hire a general contractor to complete your bathroom renovation. So what happens next? After you’ve worked with your contractor to finalize the plans, your contractor is going to assemble a team of experts to help make sure your dream becomes a reality (in a timely and budget-friendly manner, might we add). Read on to meet the different people involved in a bathroom reno.


A plumber will play a critical role in your bathroom renovation, especially if you’re looking to move things around. It’s no small job to place the toilet where the tub was and install a shower where the sink currently is! A plumber will make sure everything is moved properly and safely so that you don’t experience any issues down the road.


Your electrician will work to make sure you have the proper lighting in all areas of your bathroom. From makeup mirrors to shower lights, it’s important to make sure the electrical is done right because everyone knows that water and electricity don’t mix.


Dreaming of a new tiled shower, back splash or floor? If so, your contractor will probably bring in a tiler. Tilers can create beautiful designs, and will make sure the tile is installed properly for a waterproof seal. Since different tile lends itself better to certain areas, it’s nice to chat with an expert to make sure you know your options and are getting the best tile for the job.


A glazier, otherwise known as a glass installer or glass cutter, will contribute to the renovation by installing new windows, mirrors and/or shower glass. The options when it comes to using glass in your bathroom are almost endless, and a glazier will help you find the best option for your vision and budget.

Why Include The Experts?

While many people fancy themselves a jack of all trades, there is a ton of benefit in bringing in a trained professional. No matter the industry, things change! Hiring a pro means that you’re getting someone who is up to date on all the latest industry trends. Not only will you be getting the latest and greatest in industry technologies, but you can also rest easy knowing that the person working on your home has all the required training and certifications to make sure the job is done safely and properly.

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