Where to Start When Renovating a Home

Posted on: 2018-10-01


If you are renovating or plan to renovate your home, it has probably become obvious that are too many moving parts to count. Contractors, material prices, personal schedules and every complication in between stands in the way of you and your successful reno. In order to overcome these obstacles, be sure to read Parabola Developments guide below about where to start when renovating a home.


Evaluating your existing space and judging how you use it are some of the first things you should do as a homeowner. Maximizing your current space will not only allow more room for things you want, it will also leave a buffer if any mistakes or miscalculations happen. This is also your best opportunity to sketch out where you want to add storage in your home, if desired.


Adding more access to natural light in your home is not only good for your mental health– it adds value to you property! Good natural lighting is one of the most sought after aspects in residential real estate, especially in Alberta where every ray of sunshine is precious. New windows and skylights may be costly, but the results are hard to deny.


Renovations are an opportunity to add beauty and modernity to your home, but it is best to look past the superficial and address the fundamentals first. Water heaters, furnaces, AC units, roofs, foundations, plumbing and electrical systems may not be exciting– but you will never regret upgrading these parts of the home ahead of schedule!


While it may be tempting to tear everything down and start from scratch, renos are much more manageable if done slowly and in manageable parts. A thorough plan and budget from the start should set a reasonable pace, but be sure to account for unexpected delays and costs. Start with one area or room and do not begin another until the first is finished. Some homeowners save money by refinishing and revitalizing existing belongings during renovation downtime– it freshens up a home’s interior without buying new furniture.
The four tips above are only some of the ways you can ease yourself into a home renovation project. Questions? Concerns? Contact the home reno pros here at Parabola Developments today!