How to Deal With Basement Posts

Posted on: 2013-12-09


Basement posts can be tricky to deal with when remodeling the space.  In some cases, new walls can be built around them, making the posts disappear. But in others, these important ceiling and floor supports cannot be hidden. This means that you need a creative way of dealing with them.

Hang Something on Them

This gives the post a purpose. If you have turned your basement into a man cave or game room, use the post as a place to hang a dart board or sign. You can also wrap a string of Christmas lights around it, and use them to illuminate the space in a unique way. A series of pegs inserted into the post can be used as a place to hang cords and video game controllers, as well as headphones and other implements.

Paint It To Blend In

Or alternately, paint it so that it stands out. Both of these can turn a simple basement support post into something that belongs in the room. A post that is painted to blend in can almost disappear into the space, and from certain angles, depending on the shadows and lights in the room will not be seen. On the contrary, painting a basement post in a contrasting color from the rest of your basement will make it intentionally stand out. It will become a design element.

Wrap a Series of Shelves Around It

Since you cannot remove the post, you might as well make it into something useful. Some custom shelves, designed to wrap around the post entirely, can be used to hold everything from pictures and knickknacks in a finished basement, to tools and other home repair implements, in an unfinished one. Depending on the width of the shelves – and remember that these are made custom to fit around your post, so you can make them as thick or thin as you wish – they can hold almost anything.

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Photo by Pixabay from Pexels