5 Ways to Choose New Colours for Your Home

Posted on: 2018-08-01


Whether your home is new or well lived-in, there comes a time for everyone to refresh or change the walls around us. You can paint yourself or hire someone else to do it, but such a major feature of your home should show a part of the homeowner’s personality. One of the best ways to do that is to pick out the colours, palettes and themes of the rooms in your home. There are countless places for inspiration– such as magazines or Pinterest boards– but if you need help, try following Parabola Developments’ five tips below for how to choose new colours for your home.

1. Inside Out

When changing wall colours, homeowners often make the mistake of leaving common areas for last. Family rooms or kitchens should be your priority when planning a new theme or palette for your home. Neutral tones, like off-white or cream, can be used in common areas to offset highlight walls or bold colour choices in your bedrooms or bathrooms. Strong, dark colours can give your central rooms a sense of warmth and coziness; while bright, cool colours can add a feeling of energy.

2. Palette Prep

Before you ever load a brush with paint, make sure you have a clear plan of where you are headed. Painting rooms on a whim can lead to an unattractive hodge-podge of colours or styles. Collect paint chips or samples and assemble a palette: complementary colours grouped in the way you plan to use them (by room, for example). Use this ensure you are still enthusiastic about your chosen colours, but also as a guide when you begin painting.

3. Bold vs. Subtle

Generally design falls into two categories: bold and subtle. If you are determined to have it both ways, there are some strategies to help make the differences less stark. If your home has multiple stories, you can decorate your upstairs and downstairs with different themes. Also, a bold central room can help tone down more adventurous choices– conversely, a subtly toned common area can allow you to make softer colours pop.

4. Finish Line

Shades, tones and texture are the primary concerns when choosing new colours for your home. Underlying these central tenants are the actual attributes of consumer-grade paint, such as what their made of and the way it dries. This is known as the paint’s finish and it typically comes in three variations: matte, semi-gloss and gloss. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages for upkeep, but the most important thing is how the homeowner feels about the appearance.

5. Detail Spin

Do not get discouraged if you feel yourself limited by choosing only a few main colours as part of your home’s palette or theme. Adding details like lighting, decor or furnishing will give you unlimited flexibility to highlight, contrast or compliment the shades of your walls.

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