Trendy Downtown Loft Upgrade

Posted on: 2012-09-27

This client owns a great loft in the heart of downtown Edmonton. Parabola was to treat the concrete flooring in the unit to give it a modern and warm urban appeal. Before... We needed to work around the hours of the building and needed to get the work done between a tenant moving in, and a tenant moving out. Deadlines were crucial! Before... A totally different feel! This added immense appeal to the unit and allowed the client to get top dollar as a revenue property....Read More Here!


Elite Dance Studio – Commercial Exterior

Posted on: 2012-05-02

Edmonton's Best Dance studio wanted to update the exterior of their building with a more modern appeal. Having done their interior renovation 2 years prior, Elite trusted Parabola to get the job done right! Before... Working alongside additional contractors, installation and integration of LED lighting system, adhering to strict City of Edmonton guidelines, and of course, seeing that the client's vision came to life! Before... An amazing exterior renovation! The client was thrilled...Read More Here!


Summer Deck Build

Posted on: 2011-08-15

At Parabola Developments we build beautiful decks tailor made to our clients needs. As you can see - this isn't an ordinary deck. We went above and beyond to give our client exactly what they were looking for! Before... This client was on a very strict deadline so Parabola brought it's crew and did an amazing job in a timely manner! Before... The client was very happy with there deck. It was a pleasure working with them!...Read More Here!


Kitchen Makeover

Posted on: 2011-06-09

The client wanted to freshen up and modernize the look of their home kitchen. Parabola was consulted to assist in the selection of decor as well as completion of renovation work. Before... Obviously with their kitchen 'out of order' for several weeks, Parabola carefully planned a work schedule around the couples hours, making sure that the work space was tidied and ready to use before AND after work was being done. Before... The kitchen of the clients dreams! They wer...Read More Here!


Basement Home Theater Project

Posted on: 2009-06-18

The client purchased a new home with an unfinished basement. The goal was to convert this unfinished space into state of the art media room with a 'movie' theme. The creation of an additional bedroom and bathroom would also be required. Before... This project required Parabola to be creative, as the main 'feature' wall of the entertainment room would be a custom built curved screen wall, which allowed space for a custom 'Carada' screen masking system as well as several speakers in ...Read More Here!