In Which Edmonton Neighborhood Should I Build My New Infill Home?

Posted on: 2019-09-15


In larger cities, especially in Edmonton, infill homes are growing in popularity. Infill homes make use of vacant or underused land and property in an urban environment to insert additional housing units.

Basically, new homes are built on empty or old lots. Infill home are appealing to large cities such as Edmonton because they help appreciate neighborhood property values and aid in preventing urban sprawl.

If you’re looking to build an infill home, there are Edmonton neighborhoods that are experiencing a rise in this style of housing. You may want to consider one of the following neighborhoods for your new infill home:


South of central Edmonton, this neighborhood is located south of the North Saskatchewan River, east of Whitemud Creek, north of Whitemud Drive and west of the Edmonton city limits.

Strathcona has a population of 8984 as well as a community hall, outdoor rink, and tennis courts. In this neighborhood, you can find many parks and open spaces, along with a community garden for the residents.


Westmount is a central-west Edmonton neighborhood located near the downtown core. Geographically, it is located south of 11th Street, east of Groat Road, northeast of the Groat Ravine and north of the North Saskatchewan River valley.

With a population of 5900, Westmount features a community hall and an outdoor skating rink. This neighborhood also has a cooperative preschool, an elementary school and an International Baccalaureate Middle Years program.


Overlooking the North Saskatchewan River valley, Glenora can be found west of Groat Road, south of 107th Avenue, east of 142nd Street and north of the MacKinnon ravine.

Currently, Glenora has a population of approximately 3514 as well as a community hall, tennis courts, basketball courts, and an outdoor skating rink. You can also find the historic Alberta Government House, which was the home to the first 6 lieutenant governors of Alberta.


A part of northwest Edmonton, you can find Inglewood on the map south of 118th Street, north of 111 Avenue, east of Groat Road and west of former Canadian National Railway right of way.

This neighborhood contains a community hall and has a population of 6310. There are 4 schools in this area: an elementary school, a junior high, a Catholic school and a campus.


Located in the southwest portion of Edmonton, McKernan is bordered by University Avenue to the north, 109th Street to the east, 72nd Avenue to the south and 114th Street to the southwest.

With a population of 2785, McKernan features a community hall and outdoor skating rink. It also features the only public school in Edmonton that offers a late French immersion program as well as a Spanish bilingual program.

King Edward Park

Located in southeast Edmonton, King Edward Park can be found south of Whyte Avenue, west of 71 Street, north of 76 Avenue and overlooks the Mill Creek Ravine to the east.

In King Edward Park you’ll find a community hall, an outdoor rink, and tennis courts. It also features two schools: Donnan Elementary Junior High and St. James Catholic Elementary School.

This neighborhood has a population of 4238.


Allendale can be found in the southwestern area of Edmonton. It is bounded to the east by 104 Street, to the south by 61 Avenue, to the west by 109 Street and to the north by 70 Avenue.

This neighborhood has a population of 2722 and features a community hall and an outdoor rink. Allendale also has its own elementary school.

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