Tips for Garage Improvements

Posted on: 2011-09-01


Is it finally time to get at that new garage? Perhaps you’re looking to prolong your existing one by treating it’s flooring – or are simply looking to organize and optimize it to provide more space for the family…in any case, you’ll need a general contractor that has the experience and expertise to not only do the work, but to provide creative ideas in selecting the best solutions.
A reliable general contractor can assist with(but not limited to):

  • shelving
  • workbenches
  • room-specific flooring
  • parking aids
  • garage door openers
  • clutter control
  • storage products
  • protective and decorative flooring treatments
  • and more…

Indeed, a reliable general contractor takes pride in providing customers with the best solutions – and making the transformation a unique design – tailor-fit the client’s needs.

The Basics: Flooring Protection

At the very least, you should be considering flooring treatment that beautifies – and protects – floors for years. Vinyl floor covering and other innovation flooring options help prevent stains and chipping or cracking on concrete floors; this is usually available in several popular patterns, attractive colors, and sizes to fit your needs.

Get Rid of that Clutter

As ‘experts’ of garage design and organization, a general contractor should maximize the available storage space on your garage walls and ceiling, allowing you to use that space in the most efficient way possible. Custom cabinet options, wall finishing accessories, are just a couple of things that can aid in this department.

Shameless Plug

While we love doing the work, most of the fun is sitting down and discussing how we can make your garage renovation ‘dreams’ a reality. Feel free to give us a shout!


Photo by Jonny Swales on Unsplash