Is an Acid Stained Floor Right for Your Home or Business?

Posted on: 2011-07-04


A popular type of flooring in many homes is acid concrete staining. Acid concrete staining is the process of applying colors on concrete walls or floors by using acid-based chemicals and other substances. Acid stain products are usually a mixture of water, acid-soluble metallic salts and hydrochloric acid.

The acid stain reacts with the composition of the concrete slabs. Because the composition of the slabs vary, it is also expected that the concrete slabs will accept stains in varying intensity.

What’s Unique About an Acid Stained Floor?

The best thing about acid stain flooring is that the varying intensity of colors that each slab accepts creates a unique and distinct design to all acid stained concrete.

Acid stains are available in subtle earth-tones such as:

How is Acid Staining Done?

Acid staining is performed by spraying the concrete with the acid stain complex. However, the application process must be done carefully. You have to repeat spraying after the first coat and a thorough cleaning of the surface is also necessary before applying the stain.

Cleaning and mopping is essential after the stain has been applied and has been dried off.

Who Can Help You With Acid Staining?

Acid staining is a technique which requires time, effort, and expereince. If you are new to this, you may find it difficult, especially if you are going to stain a wide surface area.

To make everything easier for you, it is often prudent to employ the services of professional home contractors. Concrete contractors are equipped with the skills and training that enable them to do acid staining efficiently.

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Photo by Emma Raphael on Unsplash