2020 Backyard Renovation Trends

Posted on: 2020-06-14

outdoors in a garden two glasses and a bottle of red wine on a dark wood table with blue and purple tablecloth and blue pillows

The year 2020 has seen tremendous changes in how we live our lives and socialize. Thankfully, we are heading into beautiful summer weather and can look forward to spending our time outside of our homes.

Because so many Edmonton families are focusing on keeping their families safe, it’s likely that your outdoor space is going to see a lot of use this year.

Since you are going to be maximizing your time in your backyard, why not consider some upgrades and renovations?

This year is all about bringing the comforts of the indoors to the outside. In order too bridge the divide between the indoors and out, your outdoor space should support everyday life and not simply supplement it.

To make the most out of your backyard this summer, think about these 2020 backyard renovation trends:

Unique Deck Designs

The deck and patio are staples of outdoor design but are usually designed strictly with functionality and safety in mind.

With advances in deck materials and products (such as wood, vinyl and tile), you can design and build a deck that is unique as well as functional.

For example, you can create stylish flooring by choosing materials in colors that complement the interior of your home or based on your home’s exterior siding, trim or windows.

You can use your deck’s flooring to bring together the entire design or highlight specific areas, such as the dining space, cooking area, etc.

Warm Colors and Accents

While 2020’s outdoor design trend is to bring the comforts and functionality of the indoors out, the colors are staying on the warm and natural side.

Many outdoors products this year are featuring warm tones such as taupe, brown and grey but also using softer shades of yellow, orange and green to add pops of color to the design.

Although summertime often puts us in mind of bright and flamboyant colors, designers are sticking to these earthy palettes in order to accentuate the energy and peacefulness of the outdoors.

The Purposeful Inclusion of Nature

With the increase in urban development, many homeowners are seeing less and less natural green space around their homes. For this reason, the purposeful inclusion of nature is becoming a popular trend.

This means intentionally adding flora to your outdoor space to integrate nature into the design: think low-maintenance gardens and drought-tolerant plants as well as planter boxes and hanging baskets.

Filling your outdoor space with greenery will add to the aesthetic as well as soften the overall design.

Mixed-Material on Decks and Patios

Juxtaposing materials is a huge trend this year on decks and patios.

Consider materials that contrast with the wooden structure of your deck such as concrete, glass and metal. You can even add in wood and wicker that contrast with the existing wood.

The same goes for materials and accessories. Long gone are the days of using a singular material to decorate your deck – variety is in.

Outdoor Cooking

Because the trend of 2020 is to create an outdoor living space as comfortable as the inside, people are foregoing a simple, singular barbecue and instead extending their kitchen onto their patio and deck.

Surround your BBQ with simple interior amenities such as bar fridge and a counter for prepping. Imagine not having to run back and forth between the deck and kitchen in order to prepare a meal.

And, if you are really ambitious, outdoor pizza ovens are becoming a thing!

Dual Purpose and Modular Furniture

In order to maximize the time you can spend in your backyard during the day, consider the latest trend of modular furniture.

Multi-layout products are becoming very popular and allow you to move the furniture based on the shifting sun – allowing you to enjoy the sunshine from dawn until dusk.

Another rising trend in outdoor furniture is dual purpose furniture that provides another layer of function such as side tables with a cooler and seating that doubles as storage.

All perfect for smaller outdoor spaces.

Breathe New Life Into Your Backyard

These are unprecedented times and now, more than ever, people all over the global are looking for ways to bring comfort and joy into their homes.

With the beautiful weather upon us, renovating your backyard may just be the key to thoroughly enjoying the summer of 2020!

While we may not be able to help you pick out your backyard color palette (maybe), we are definitely ready and equipped to help you upgrade your deck or build the deck of your dreams!

Our professionals at Parabola Developments can bring our experience, knowledge and skills to build you a new deck better and faster.

Contact us today for more information!